Blogger vs WordPress For Making Money

Hello, Friends, Today is a Very Important topic For beginners blogger vs WordPress for making money. So, Friends, I will Showing Here What is The best Platform For Blogging? First, I Am Say Something About Blogging First Are you Serius Blogger? Are You Passionate about Blogging? I Think You Are All very Serius Blogger Because of you Are Read My Article That Means You Are Not Lazy.

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Blogger vs WordPress For Making Money

Blogger vs WordPress for making money

In The Blogging Field many Platform available But Here I Am Disssing to Vary Famous Platform There You Can Create blog And Make Money Online. So Lets Start Are You Ready? Let’s go!

Why Choose only Blogger And WordPress?

Because Of the Blogger And WordPress is Specially Develop For Blogging. Also, Blogger And WordPress Is The Best Platform For Blogging. Blogger And WordPress are Good For Blogging Because Of good Reviews And Many Big Bloggers Recommended For Blogging This Tow Platform.

Here I am showing in two-part

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress


Blogger vs WordPress For Making Money

I Think Everybody Know About The Blogger Platform. Blogger is The Product Of Google For Create own Blog And Writer According to Our knowledge And Share With The Worlds users. Blogger is Costless Platform And You Can Earn Money With Your Traffic. Also Blogger Provide Dashboard And Analytics.


Blogger vs. WordPress For Making Money

WordPress Is Open Source Platform. in 2005 WordPress Has Developed By Automatic inc US. WordPress is Provide Many Theme Form is One The Best Platform For blogging. WordPress is the CMS Platform. Compare To Joomla, Drupal And WordPress. WordPress Is best CMS Platform For Blogging.

What is the Difference Between WordPress And Blogger?

Many Different between Blogger vs WordPress Because of The Both Different Type Work And There Features.WordPress Is Paid And Blogger is Free.

Blogger vs WordPress Features

Blogger Features (Pro & Cons):

  1. Earlier there had been no responsive subject matters to be had within the blogger platform. As the responsive design is preferred the most so many developers designed top class themes with responsive design.
  2. Blogger had been advanced in Python language.
  3. Blogger platform will offer you incode designing manner you need to code for added features.
  4. Blogger is not an opensource platform.
  5. You can not add that plenty of custom functions in comparison to WordPress.
  6. You can upload your custom domain (Example – www.Yourdomain.Xyz) If you don’t have a site then take into account to buy it by way of (Click Here)
  7. No need to buy net website hosting greater. Blogger website hosting is powered by means of Google.

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WordPress Features (Pro & Cons):

  1. WordPress is the opensource platform.
  2. As it is opensource, you’ll get a few widgets, plugins to feature extra butter for your website.
  3. WordPress has a fully responsive layout.
  4. You want to buy internet web hosting extra.
  5. Free themes in addition to plugins to be had.

Which is the best platform between WordPress VS Blogger?

The most peculiar query we commonly get! Which is the quality between WordPress vs Blogger? If we are comparing things, we want to bear in mind their pros and cons. In this example, each system has their presence. But, speaking approximately features and reliability WordPress is an excellent choice in comparison to Blogger. The component is that in case you desired to make your service inside the running a blog industry and want to establish very own presence, then you definitely need to do a variety of paintings. We can remember blogger due to the fact its loose and don’t price a single rupee however, features of WordPress is greater than Blogger. Hence, in this situation, WordPress is the maximum beneficial than blogger.

Tip for beginner Bloggers:

We understand in case you are beginning blogging you must invest 1000 INR – 2000 INR for the area. But for startups, we propose you go together with Blogger. Because the blogger doesn’t price you unmarried rupee to host your blog. Even the golden thing is that you can add your custom domain there ( Example – xyz.Com as opposed to xyz.Blogspot.Com) Is’nt it so amazing? Grab any free topic, paintings on it and purchase one area. This is how you can start your weblog. If you’ve got finances around 1,500 INR then better to go together with WordPress. Nowadays such a lot of website hosting carriers like Reform Hosting is presenting you the maximum cheap net website hosting with supplying Free.COM Domain.


In this article, I Am using Both Platforms For Blogging. Here I Am Share Blogger vs WordPress For Making Money is the My personal opinion I Am share With You. If Like Our Article Blogger vs WordPress For Making Money So Share With Your Beginners Friends.

Blogger vs WordPress For Making Money
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